Our Research and Development

Our philosophy is not to rest on our laurels but to keep bringing to the consumer and the market newer and newer innovations and better and better quality. Our Research and Development team is constantly engaged in maintaining the vegastix spices edge in manufacturing the best quality products through top-notch research that focuses on adopting indigenous innovations-driven processes. For instance, vegastix spices is the only company that uses a dry process to remove the coat off mustard seeds as well as the only company that uses a mechanized process to peel turmeric skin.

Our international presence

Today, vegastix spices is not only a leading brand in the packaged spices category in the eastern part of India, it is the first choice also in rest of India, Bangladesh and Nepal.The company is poised to engage in lucrative business opportunities in countries such as Japan, France, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK and the Middle east.

We have the ability to customize spices according to the client’s requirement. Along with the company’s standard range of spices, vegastix spices can also procure other spices that meet the specific requirements of global clients.

Vision & Mission 

Soham masale believes in long lasting relationships with our clients, our vendors and our family of workers. Our vision is to provide premium unadulterated products with the highest degree of hygiene in every household.