Terms And Conditions Of Use

Every user who visits the website vegastixspices.in is encouraged to read all the terms and conditions carefully. If a user or business entity fails to do so, vegastixspices.in and its management won’t be considered accountable for your actions or actions taken against you in any manner. From the moment a person or business entity visits vegastixspices.in and continues to use it for buying, selling or meeting other users, it will be assumed that the user or business entity is in agreement with these terms and conditions.

In case you don’t agree with any of these terms, you may choose not to use vegastixspices.in. If you don’t agree with any of the terms and conditions and continue to use the website for making contacts or conducting business, it will be assumed that you agree to all the terms and conditions and have accepted it without a doubt. You are NOT Allowed to pretend ignorance of these terms and conditions if you are using vegastixspices.in currently or do so in the future.

Vegastixspices-A Platform Connecting Buyers With Sellers

vegastixspices.in is simply a platform that connects individual users or business entities with other individual users or business entities for buying and selling or products and services. vegastixspices.in is not a mediator who will help individuals or business entities to connect with one another. We have no say or participation in the communication, agreements and business transactions made by any user of vegastixspices.in with another user.

vegastixspices.in also offers no guarantee on whether a user is offering genuine products or not or whether a user is indulging in illegal activity or not. In case a user promises something to another user, but fails to deliver the same, vegastixspices.in can’t be held responsible in any manner. Similarly, vegastixspices.in will not guarantee that a user has the capacity to complete the order given by another user or a user has the capacity to pay for an order placed via vegastixspices.in. This website is a separate entity and is no way connected to any user or his/her/its activities.

Customer Information Use

vegastixspices.in makes use of cookies to understand the browsing preferences of its users. The personal information stored by vegastixspices.in may or may not be made available to third parties. All the calls made by users of vegastixspices.in are confidential, but the calls might be recorded to improve and enhance the quality of customer service or for training purposes.

Delegation Of Services

vegastixspices.in reserves the right to delegate or outsource any of its services to third-party vendors without informing the users. Even the website management or maintenance can be outsourced from time to time to save money and effort.

No Abusive Language

It must also be noted that the user has no right to use foul or abusive language while interacting with other users, vegastixspices.in management or any other entity. Any user who is found guilty of doing that will have the vegastixspices.in account terminated

User Agreement For vegastixspices.in

This agreement applies to all users of vegastixspices.in, be it a business entity or a person. The website, vegastixspices.in should only be used for business purposes. In case the terms of this agreement clash with the fresh terms and conditions applicable to any product or service of vegastixspices.in, the latter would be given preference.

Updating The User Agreement

vegastixspices.in will constantly update and/or modify the user agreement to keep relevant. The changes would be effective as soon as they are posted. Hence, a user who continues to use the website after said modifications would agree that the user abides by all the changes.