Red Chilli Powder

Red Chilli Powder India holds a significant position in almost all culinary preparations. Every packet of red chilli powder is pure and unadulterated; with a rich colour and aroma that enhances the taste and look of your delicacies.

vegastix spices pvt ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wholesale red chilli powder. Our chilli powder can add great taste and flavor to a variety of dishes and cuisines all over the world. The product is made by grinding dried red chillies into a fine powder. We offer red chilli powder in different packaging weights as per the requirement of our customers.

As renowned red chilli powder exporters in India, we take pride in adding flavor and taste to food all across the globe. Our commitment to quality products and assured purity make us a preferred partner for various spice requirements.

Description :

Turmeric Powder finds extensive use in Indian style cooking and is widely known for its nutritional and health benefits. vegastix spices pvt ltd. is a reputed turmeric powder manufacturer and exporter. Found in the tropical regions of South Asia, Turmeric is an everlasting plant.

A Touch of Brightness

Turmeric powder is extensively used for its bright golden yellow color. Many Indian curries and cuisines would be incomplete without a dash of turmeric powder. It’s pungent taste and unique flavor make it a favorite of many chefs in the country and the world. Turmeric powder is also used as a coloring agent in soups, syrups, butter and many other widely known dishes. Plus, this spice has no calories so it is a healthy and safe choice in any food.

A Bundle of Good Health

Turmeric has one of the best antiseptic qualities and is often used for its medicinal benefits as well. The medicinal properties of turmeric date back are to the Vedic times and thus, it holds a special historic place in our cuisines and culture. Right from fighting cold to cancer, turmeric can be highly beneficial.